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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The first blog entry

It's been quite a long time since I started using the Internet and reading blogs. It is something difficult to explain but I really enjoy everything about this blogging. There are a few people whose blogs I read on a daily basis. After a while, you start feeling like a family wondering what they do etc.
Right now, I am down with the flu. I bought some medicine from the pharmacy and I applied it on my nose the staff called -Vicks- and oh God it created a miracle and I started breathing again.
I am loading my body with Vitamin C eating a lot of oranges and tangerines. Btw, tangerine is my favourite word in English. I do not know the reason but I guess I like the way it sounds. Weird.
I hope I am going to start feeling better in time. It is nice to write this thing down while I am sipping my green tea with lemons. Oh yeah I have an overdose of Vit C.
That's it for now. and tomorrow is the big day- Friday. I am planning to have a rest during the weekend. I missed my pilates class due to my illness. I hope I can make up for it on Saturday. Apart from that, I am happy and content.
Take care lovelies.
Have fun.